Dublin's Slow Skies (Karen Sheridan) is a warm, ambient folk/pop act, combining delicate instrumentation with gentle, intimate vocals. With 3 EPs released to date, past years have seen Slow Skies and her band support JamesVincent McMorrow, St. Vincent, and Cat Power, among others. 

While the last two years have largely been a time of quiet reflection, Slow Skies has just released her new single, "Dancing".  The track, written during a rare hot summer day in Dublin, tries to encourage the listener to feel like dancing, even if that's just inside. Karen says of "Dancing": "It's all about nudging people to think about whatever it is that makes them feel good and just feel happy in that moment. I want this song to be three minutes where you drift off into a happy place, where nothing else matters. I actually wrote most of the lyrics blindfolded so it was really all about how they made me feel in the moment, with all the other sensory distractions stripped away."

"Dancing" was recorded with producer Ber Quinn (John Grant, Lisa Hannigan, Divine Comedy).


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